Carl Brown, PA-C

Degree(s): BS Health Science
College: University of Washington School Of Medicine, MEDEX Northwest (PA training)
Specialty: Family Practice/ Primary Care, Respiratory, Surgery, Ortho
Special clinical interests: Respiratory, Surgery, Ortho, Endocrinology 
Spoken language(s): In Addition to English, some German
With CRMC: A mix of part-time and full time since 2011.
Location: Glennallen
Why I work at Cross Road: I came to Crossroad originally in 2011 as a Locum Tenum with Staff Care, to fill a need that had been empty for an extended time frame. I had need of steady employment, and CRMC had need of an additional medical provider. It became quickly evident that this was no chance meeting. Often God uses singular events to meet several needs at once, and this certainly fell in line with this principle. Since that time I have had the pleasure to return to the Copper River Valley to serve our Lord alongside other fellow believers. The experience here has been rewarding and refreshing, caring for the people of this beautiful part of Alaska. I consider it a privilege to be here among professionals that put pleasing God first, and in turn, providing higher quality care than I could elsewhere

Deborah A. Crowe, DNP, FNP-BC

Degree(s): Doctor of Nursing Practice ('11); Master of Science - Family Nurse Practitioner ('07)
College: Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing, KY
Specialty: Family Practice
Special clinical interests: Diabetes, Patient education 
Spoken language(s): English
With CRMC: Since August 2011 
Location: Glennallen
Why I work at Cross Road: I have a strong desire to serve God in community missions and love that Cross Road has a faith-based mission to serve the community of Glennallen. The area is absolutely beautiful and the community has been very welcoming to me and my family. We look forward to serving here for many years!

Dede Duntze, ANP

Degree(s): MSN ('01), BSN ('86)
College: University of Alaska, Anchorage ('01)
Specialty: Rural health
Special clinical interests: Family medicine
Spoken language(s): English
With CRMC: From 1986-1999 as RN, since 2001 as an ANP
Location: Grizzly Lake
Why I work at Cross Road: It is important to me to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of my patients as I strive to apply the purpose statement and core values of CRMC. I serve at North Country Clinic & in the village clinics of Chistochina and Mentasta to promote a higher level of health in these rural areas..

James Freuler, PA-C, BS

Degree(s): Physician Assistant, Bachelor of Science
College(s): Bryan College, TN, Travecca Nazarene College University, TN
Specialty: Primary Care, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics
Special clinical interests: Pediatrics
Spoken language(s): English
With CRMC: 1990-1997 and since June 2016 
Location: Glennallen
Why I work at Cross Road: I feel the need to fill the need. And I really like Glennallen.

Johnathan G. Fraley, PA-C

Degree(s): BA in English Education ('00), Physician Assistant Certificate ('05))
College(s): Cedarville University ('00), Kettering College of Medical Arts ('05)
Specialty: Emergency Medicine
Special clinical interests: Trauma
Spoken language(s): English
With IAMC: Since September 2014
Location: Delta Junction
Why I work at Cross Road: I want to work in a facility that gives quality care as an aspect of ministry whose focus is glorifying God.

Suzanne (Sue) Sarafin, BS, LMT

Degree(s) / Certificates: Kinesis Structural Integration Certification ('06); BS in Sociology, Psychology minor ('96)
Colleges: Kinesis Myofascial Integration, Kinesis Inc., Walpole, ME ('06); New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, Santa Fe, NM ('00); Bridgewater State University, Bridgewater, MA ('96)
Special clinical interests: Postural assessment & movement re-education
Spoken language(s): English
With CRMC: Since May 2010
Location: Glennallen
Why I work at Cross Road: To work with a strong team of professionals who are in service to the people of our community.

Verna Schad, CNP

Degree(s): Certified Nurse Practitioner
College: South Dakota State University
Specialty: Family Practice
Special clinical interests: Mental Health, Women’s Health, Urgent Care, Pediatrics
With IAMC: since Aug 2016
Location: Delta Junction
Why I work at Cross Road: Verna enjoys the challenge of caring for a multicultural population in a beautiful setting and wonderful staff to work with.

Admin. Staff

Joel R. Medendorp, MBA, Chief Executive Officer

Role: Joel directs the overall operation of the facility’s activities in accordance with current applicable Federal, State and local standards, guidelines and regulations, to assure that the highest degree of quality patient care is maintained at all times. Joel is also responsible for the planning, organization and controlling of all areas of financial administration of the Medical Center.
With CRHM: since Aug 2010
Location: Glennallen
Why I work at Cross Road: Both my wife and I felt like we were meant to come to Glennallen. We really enjoy the great staff, our wonderful neighbors in the Copper River Basin, and the beautiful area!

Dr. Donald G. Hudson, D.O., Medical Director

Degree(s): Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
Role: Dr. Hudson is on contract with Cross Road as a consultant and oversees quality assurance within our Medical Department. He conducts quarterly reviews of our providers and reports to the CEO. He is also responsible for reviewing and approving Medical and Nursing Department policies and procedures.

Bob Sloma, Chaplain, Outreach, Volunteer, Maintenance, Housing Coordinator

Degree(s): BS, Bible/Ministry
Role: Bob oversees chaplains in Glennallen and Delta Junction, searches for and coordinates outreach opportunities, and coordinates volunteer placement, maintenance and staff housing.
With CRHM: since Feb 2015
Location: Glennallen
Why I work at Cross Road: My wife Donna and I have been in various Christian ministries since 1991 seeking ways to impact people for Christ through evangelism and discipleship while serving them. God has led us here and Cross Road gives us opportunities to serve people, promote evangelism and discipleship opportunities and serve in an absolutely gorgeous location.

Debbie Davey, Director of Compliance and Risk Management

Degree(s): MBA, CRA, OCT-C
Role: Debbie helps oversee corporate compliance in all departments and works with the board of directors and department managers to develop and maintain compliance with federal and state statutes, CMS guidelines, HRSA program requirements and others. She helps assess risk throughout the organization, makes recommendations, and works with others to develop policies and procedures to help mitigate known risks and plan for potential risks. She also oversees staff training, federal and state reporting and HIPAA privacy.
With CRHM: since Nov 2012
Location: Glennallen
Why I work at Cross Road: The Lord opened the door for me to work at Cross Road Health Ministries in 2012. I have consistently sought to serve the Lord through whatever work the Lord has given me to do, but I am pleased to now be serving with fellow believers at CRHM. Although there is no "perfect" workplace, it is nice to know that, as believers, we are striving toward the common goal of making an impact for Christ in the communities we serve.

Mary Baker Kaspari, Clinical Director / DON

Degree(s): RN
With CRHM: since Jan 2014
Location: Delta Junction
Why I work at Cross Road: In 2011, God assigned to me the project of bringing sustainable healthcare to the Delta Junction area, so I continue to work on the project until it is achieved. I have lived in this beautiful area for 18 years, and believe it is heaven on earth!

Mitchell Cox, P.Eng. (ON), Chief Information Officer, HIPPA Security Officer

Degree(s): B.Eng.Mgt.
Role: Mitch designs, implements and administers all aspects of information technology and data management for CRHM, provides data analysis to the Sr. Leadership Team and Board of Directors to aid in decision making and performance tracking, leads technology projects, provides end user support, and manages IT department personnel, budgets and technology vendor relationships.
With CRHM: since March 2004
Location: Glennallen
Why I work at Cross Road: Information technology and data analysis play important and constantly evolving roles in enabling Cross Road staff and management to meet the organization’s mission of providing accessible, quality health care in Jesus’ name. I enjoy the challenge of, and take great pride in, providing a stable, secure IT environment to support the staff who strive to deliver excellent, affordable healthcare.

Sherri Cox, Director of Nursing, Clinical Manager, CQI Co-Chair

Degree(s): BScN
Role: Sherri manages the Nursing Department staff which cover the primary care clinic and urgent care and works as an on-call nurse for urgent care and x-ray. She oversees the overall clinical functions with the Senior On-site Medical Provider. She also Co-Chairs the CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) Committee for Cross Road Health Ministries.
With CRHM: since Aug 2003
Location: Glennallen
Why I work at Cross Road: When I was young, growing up in Glennallen, I was inspired to pursue nursing by the RNs I knew who worked at Faith Hospital. When the chance came to work as an RN at Cross Road it seemed that God had opened the perfect way to give back to the community and the place that had inspired me to become a nurse.

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